Our Mission

Protect and Conserve the environment

Healthy Environment

Reuse, Reduce and Recycle (3Rs)

Effective outcomes

To Initiate Climate Change Awareness Programs within Kenya and beyond,Liaise and Coordinate with Stakeholders on Implementation of CCAK Issues.

Sustainable Society

A society that embraces the Sustainable Development Goals and that ensures protections and conservation of natural resources.

Uniform Resources

Ensure equitable distribution of resources by ensuring the use of eco-friendly energy sources.

Welcome to Climate Change Kenya

Climate Change Awareness Kenya is a Non -Governmental Organisation aimed at Promoting Sector Wide Coordination and Facilitate Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Facilitate the Transformation of Kenya’s Energy Sector into a Green Energy Sector. Also Climate Change Awareness Kenya aims at being a Leading Sector  in the Transformation of Kenyans Climate Change Level of Awareness by Promoting the Use of Green Energy and Initiating Natural Resource Conservation and Protection Programs.

To help donate to our ADOPT A TREE CAMPAIGN and PLASTIC FREE CAMPAIGN please visit our website and press the DONATE button and thank you for helping save our planet.

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