It’s said that the 21st century war that man is fighting is climate change, this enemy has brought about the rise of climatic refugees all over the world and if this war is not worn sooner than later mankind shall be facing extinction. The ban on deforestation, charcoal burning and other measures taken by the Cabinet Secretary for environment and various county governors seems to be a drop of water in the ocean but the real picture is that it has a huge ripple effect on averting the effects of climate change.

The rise of Carbon (iv) oxide in the atmosphere has been considered one of the leading factors driving the engine of climate change. Trees form the largest percentage of carbon sinks and through afforestation and the burn on deforestation this will eventually lead to reduced carbon (iv) oxide concentrations in the atmosphere as a result of increase carbon sinks. Carbon pricing ensures that a monetary value is placed on carbon and this will ensure that counties compete for the coveted price of the county with the highest number of carbon sinks and the lowest carbon emissions levels.


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