Climate change endangers humanity’s security, peace, and prosperity. Currently, global leadership focuses on science and the economy. It is true that climate change is an environmental phenomenon that requires scientific research. However, climate change advocates must also consider its side regarding economic development and human rights concerns.
Women can also take immediate steps that can lessen the impact of climate change.
Women can reduce patterns of consumption that do not equate to a sustainable future.
Women can transfer technologies to developing countries. This will assist these nations in establishing renewable energy
Women can become vocal in advocating women’s rights around the world.
Women can lobby with government officials in strengthening international agreements on climate change with action plans for their countries.
Climate change truly has drastic effects in various sectors in the world. But with women at the helm of leadership, small steps taken collectively can help reverse climate change.
by….Aurée de Carbon
Managing Director_ Executive Recruiter_ at CARRHURE
CARRHURE CEB SHL Talent Management

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