As our beautiful blue planet continues to spin deep in space, we humans down here on the ground are grappling with whether or not climate change is within our control. Meanwhile, the carbon clock is rapidly ticking away.Mercator’s clock demonstrates the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) we can emit into our atmosphere before our planet becomes toast (or uninhabitable) in many parts of the world. In other words, the carbon clock shows the amount of time left for decision-makers to find solutions for capping global warming at levels that will enable humans to continue thriving on this planet.
Selecting either 1.5 or 2 degrees Celsius on the clock below allows us to see how much time remains before we’ve expended the carbon budget. At 2 degrees Celsius we have less than 20 years of remaining CO2 budget. At 1.5 degrees Celsius it appears that we have (gulp) less than two years.
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