Wind power in Kenya contributes only a small amount of the country’s electrical power. However, its share in energy production is increasing. Kenya aims to generate 2,036 MW of wind power, or 9% of the country’s total capacity, by 2030.

Kenya has one major wind farm, Ngong Hills Wind Farm, located in Ngong, Kajiado County. It produces around 5.1 MW of electricity.It is owned by Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) and cost KES 1.6 billion (US $18 million) to constructKenya is building the largest wind farm in Africa, the Lake Turkana Wind Power consortium (LTWP). It aims to provide 300 MW of low-cost electrical power. With a projected cost of KES 70 billion (USD 800 million), it would be the largest single private investment in Kenya’s history.This wind farm would allow Kenya to eliminate its thermal generating plants, saving KES 15.6 billion (US $180 million) per year on imported fuel. The project would stimulate the Kenyan economy by contributing KES 3 billion (US $35 million) every year in tax revenue, a total of KES 58.6 billion (US $673 million) over the life of the project.

According to a case study from the Low Emission Development Strategies Global Partnership (LEDS GP), the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project will increase the national electricity supply while creating jobs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 310 MW of wind energy capacity will:

1. mitigate greenhouse gas emissions equal to 740,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2eq) annually
2. increase national electricity supply by 15–20% (relative to 2015 generating capacity)
3. enhance reliability of energy supply
4. stabilise energy prices
5. create more than 2,000 local jobs including 150 permanent jobs
6. mitigate human health impacts from harmful air pollutants
7. improve access to food, health facilities, and water through corporate social responsibility programs
8. increase income generating opportunities
9. improve local education[4]

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