In this day and age where most universities are cropping up in every street and corner, it seems their hunger for providing knowledge has been replaced by their greed for money. Just recently Professor Magoha the CS for Education declared 98 university courses as redundant, irrelevant and obsolete. Why are universities not concerned of their university ranking position be it countrywide or internationally. Then I have bad news for all of you since a survey that was done showed that a university ranking position may affect the chance of one;

  • Getting employed
  • Getting a scholarship
  • Getting a recognized degree
  • Getting quality grade education
  • Getting the chance of been taught by qualified lecturers and not quacks
  • Getting a degree on time.

Did Juliet Irine Otieno the top performer in 2018 KCSE who managed to score an A grade of 87.664 points consider university rankings in selecting to go and study at Technical University of Kenya in Nairobi, ranked 12 in Kenya and 7599 in the world according to QS university rankings 2019, where she will pursue a degree course in aeronautical engineering? Maybe she did.

What is considered in ranking a university one may ask;

  1. Percentage of students who go on to graduate and in time.
  2. Student: Lecturer ratio
  3. Classroom Size
  4. Graduate Job and Employment placement percentage
  5. Quality Courses offered at the University
  6. Quality grades considered during intakes
  7. Research output (publications, impact factors, citations, h-index)
  8. Grants awarded
  9. Number of Nobel Laureates, Fields Medallists, HHMI investigators, MacArthur fellows, members of national academies.
  10. Student membership in national and international honor societies. 
  11. Patents awarded. 

A worrying trend has been witnessed in Kenya where we have over 100 universities, but when it comes to how well they perform globally they are ranked poorly. Some of the reasons behind poor performances in Universities include but not limited to;

  1. Low/No research output by scholars in Universities who only seek employment to earn a monthly salary.
  • Low/No qualified tutors at universities. Due to the many satellite campuses that have cropped up and the high enrolment of students to universities this has left the universities at the mercies of part- time lecturers where some are diploma holders teaching a degree class.
  • Poor/No teaching facilities; Most universities are still using facilities that were once built before the colonial period and many universities are busy beatifying the compound instead of allocating money for infrastructure that would benefit the students. The case of one Kenyan university that invested millions to build a gate and yet it’s infrastructures are wanting.
  • Tribalism and Political Influences in Universities; These have hampered how well universities are being run and governed nowadays. Student leaders are evidence to this where most out-source funds from politicians therefore creating room for divisive politics in universities.
  • Corruption and Embezzlement of Funds; Most universities are at the verge of dying since money allocated to pay lecturers and run the institutions is being ‘eaten’ by those mandated with the authority of protecting that money.
  • Delayed degrees; Its funny that in high ranking universities like Harvard, Yale, Oxford and many European universities degrees take the stipulated time. In Kenya a Master’s degree can take up to 6-7 years to finish while a PhD degree would take up to 10-15 years just ask the Deputy President who took 10 years to earn a PhD.
  • Outdated/Not up to date Knowledge and Skills by scholars; Most of the lecturers in Universities are still teaching using outdated information not putting in mind that technology has caught up with us. Talk of trying to put new wine in an old wineskin. It’s a shame that most Lecturers are computer illiterate and yet the market will demand a graduate who can work his way around various computer software’s.

The employers in Kenya are no longer interested in papers but the practical aspect of what one can provide to the business. Since most degrees in Kenya are ill-gotten through various bribes ranging from money to sexual favours.

World University Rankings:

                                                         2019 LIST

World Rank

1 993 University of Nairobi
2 1598 Kenyatta University
3 1884 Egerton University
4 1954 Moi University
5 2773 Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
6 4135 Maseno University
7 4518 Strathmore University Nairobi
8 5222 Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology
9 5952 Catholic University of Eastern Africa
10 6681 United States International University
11 6939 Daystar University
12 7599 Technical University of Kenya
13 7808 Mount Kenya University
14 7819 Kibabii University
15 7903 South Eastern Kenya University
16 8927 Kenya Medical Training College
17 9179 Kisii University
18 9189 Kenya Methodist University
19 9291 Pwani University
20 9319 Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (Kimathi University College of Technology)
21 9494 African Virtual University
22 10397 Technical University of Mombasa (Mombasa Polytechnic University College)
23 10648 University of Eastern Africa Baraton
24 10759 University of Eldoret
25 10852 Masai Mara University
26 10924 Kabarak University
27 11052 Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science & Technology (Bondo University College)
28 11511 Kenia Institute of Management
29 11546 Murang’a University of Technology
30 11611 Karatina University
31 11828 Kenya Forestry Research Institute
32 11925 Meru University of Science & Technology
33 11956 Africa Nazarene University
34 12045 Saint Paul’s University Limuru
35 12339 KCA University
36 12718 Kenya Coast National Polytechnic
37 13255 Chuka University
38 13260 Amani College
39 13358 Machakos University
40 13684 Pan Africa Christian University
41 13841 Co-operative University of Kenya
42 14070 Laikipia University
43 14121 University of Kabianga
44 14779 Zetech University
45 15027 Michuki Technical Institute Muranga
46 15292 Multimedia University of Kenya
47 15914 Kenya School of Government
48 15941 Taita Taveta University
49 16142 East African School of Aviation Embakasi Nairobi
50 16655 Embu University College
51 16743 Riara University
52 16790 Adventist University of Africa
53 16821 Africa International University (Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology)
54 17392 Great Lakes University of Kisumu
55 17475 Rongo University
56 17733 Nairobi Institute of Business Studies
57 17750 Railway Training Institute Nairobi
58 17831 Management University of Africa
59 17951 Tangaza University College
60 18273 Scott Christian University
61 18615 Kenya Utalii College Nairobi
62 19119 Hi tec Institute of Professional Studies Mombasa CBD
63 19249 Umma University
64 19374 Kiriri Women’s University of Science & Technology
65 19657 Rift Valley Technical Training Institute Eldoret
66 19799 Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute
67 19891 Presbyterian University of East Africa
68 19995 Gretsa University
69 20993 Rift Valley Institute of Science & Technology Nakuru
70 21183 Maryknoll Institute of African Studies Nairobi
71 21269 Kenya Technical Teachers College Gigiri
72 21325 Kirinyaga University
73 21672 The East African University Kitengela
74 22367 Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology
75 22439 Uzima University College
76 22714 Kisumu Polytechnic Makasembo
77 23235 Kenya School of Monetary Studies Ruaraka
78 23280 Oshwal College Nairobi
79 23280 Computer Learning Centre Nairobi
80 23340 KAG East University
81 23427 Nakuru Training Institute
82 23586 Pioneer International University
83 23598 Kenya Institute of Mass Communication Nairobi
84 23668 International Leadership University (Nairobi International School of Theology)
85 23787 East Africa Institute of Certified Studies Nairobi
86 23927 Kaiboi Technical Training Institute
87 24024 Institute of Advanced Technology Kenya
88 24035 Lukenya University
89 24114 Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute
90 24168 Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology Kisumu
91 24378 Computer Pride Training Centre Nairobi
92 24480 Cornerstone Training Institute Nairobi
93 24712 Machakos Institute of Technology
94 24736 ICT College Thika
95 25090 Migori Teachers college
96 25127 Alphax College Eldoret
97 25209 Kenya Aeronautical College Nairobi
98 25382 Tom Mboya Labour College Kisumu
99 25769 Nairobi Technical Training Institute
100 25781 Star College of Management Sciences Nairobi

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